Veneto Menu


Carpaccio al Modo di Harry’s Bar Paper-thin slices of raw filet mignon topped with Harry’s Bar dressing and arugula in a citrus vinaigrette, 12
Suggested wines: Bronca Prosecco, Bellenda Rosato

Fiori di Zucca Ripieni Zucchini blossoms stuffed with herbed ricotta cheese, battered and fried, 9
Suggested wines: Bronca Prosecco, Bellenda Rosato

Primi e Secondi

Ravioli alla Barbabietola Brilliant crimson home-made ravioli stuffed with roasted beets and ricotta cheese in a thyme-poppy butter sauce, 19
Suggested wine: Muri-Gries Muller Thurgau

Pasticio de Ciochi Lasagna sheets layered with sautéed artichoke hearts and a rich béchamel sauce, 21
Suggested wine: Pieropan Soave

Anatra con le Pere A half duck roasted with bartlett pears and served over seasoned farro grain, 24
Suggested wine: Tommaso Valpolicella

Pollastra Ripiena A whole poussin with a stuffing of ham, sage, and juniper and served atop a bed of shiitake mushroom risotto, 24
Suggested wine: Tommaso Valpolicella

Trota in Gradela Whole boneless brook trout grilled with bay leaf and rosemary and served in a light grappa sauce over spring vegetables, 22
Suggested wines: Bellenda Rosato, Pieropan Soave, Muri-Gries Muller Thurgau

Bresole col Pien A bone-in pork loin chop pounded and stuffed with sopressata, shiitake mushrooms and pecorino dolce cheese, served on garlic mashed potatoes, 22
Suggested wine: Tommaso Valpolicella


TiramiSusan A chocolatey twist on the classic from El Toulà restaurant in Treviso by our friend and neighbor, Susan Johnson, 8
Suggested wine: Perrone Moscato

By the Glass

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Sorelle Bronca NV, 10
What better way to introduce a meal than with this lively refreshing Prosecco? A whiff of zesty citrus in the nose leads to a creamy mouthful of soft flavors. It will be delicious with the carpaccio and with the pasticio de ciochi.

Bellenda Rosato NV, 10
A bouquet of fruit aromas leads to frothy ripe berry flavors in the mouth; the bubbles persist through the soft tannin in the finish. This beautiful deep coral colored rosé is a fine choice with the carpaccio for those looking for something with a bit of richness; it will also pair beautifully with the grilled trota in gradela. The lively bright flavors and the light mousse of this sparkler will also complement the brasole col pien.

Soave Classico Pieropan 2010, 10
With beautiful aromas of spring flowers and nutty marzipan wafting from the glass, this classic white wine of the Veneto is delicious with a wide range of foods. It is a natural with the pasticio di ciochi, while its great herbal flavors, notes of citrus and a crisp zing in the finish are also welcome alongside the trota in gradela.

Muller Thurgau Muri-Gries 2011, 10
Muller Thurgau is a marvelously aromatic white grape from the mountainous Alto Adige, just to the north of the Veneto. The nose is fantastic: a complex array of herbs and exotic fruits. Smooth and silky in the mouth, this mid-weight white finishes with a clean snap of refreshing crispness. It seems as if the trota in gradela was created with this wine in mind, while its complexity nicely balances the earthy richness of the ravioli alla barbabietola.

Valpolicella Superiore Tommaso Bussola Ca’ di Laito Ripasso 2007, 10
Valpolicella is one of the great reds of Italy, and Tommaso’s is a fine example. The nose offers notes of plum, wild cherry and anise, and there are plenty of herbs and spice in each sip. This beautiful red will be be delicious with the rich, savory anatra con le pere, as well as the earthy brasole col pien or the pollastra ripiena.

Moscato d’Asti Sourgal Elio Perrone 2011, 10
No dinner is complete without dessert, and the wonderful tiramisu inspired by Susan Johnson calls for a glass of this delightful Moscato! A sparkling mouthful of flavors that finishes like a soft sweet lemon drop, the perfect balance for the smooth, silky richness of this treat.

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